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McCullah-Wasson Family Reunion
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Our Early Ancestors

The name McCullah has been spelled in various ways in the East, usually signed by some official who probably spelled it the way it suited him and the signer merely repeating his way of spelling. But many signatures are given in which the spelling is as we know it today.

Our first known McCullah ancestor, in direct line, is Thomas McCullah, who was granted an "ordinary" (license) for his home in Augusta County, Virginia on Feb. 18, 1745. We had previously thought that Henry McCullah was Thomas' son by documents have now been found that disprove that Henry had a son named Alexander. Indications are that Henry was not Thomas' son, but possibly his brother. Until this is resolved it would be imprudent to state with accuracy whom the ancestors of Alexander McCullah were.

Alexander married Rebecca Wheat and they became the parents of Alexander McCullah. Alexander and Rebecca had only the one son, then separated. He married Elizabeth McNutt and they had James and Emily McCullah. Rebecca married John Lamb and they had seven children born to them.

On Lucy's maternal side of the family the earliest known ancestor, in direct line, William Laine Sr., was born about 1700 in Goochland County, Virginia. His children were William, Thomas and John, of whom Thomas is our second known Laine ancestor in direct line. He was born about 1725 and died in Amherst (now Nelson) County, Virginia by 1801. His children were William, James, Joesph, Thomas, John, Charles, Randolph, Elizabeth, our third, and Sally Laine.

Elizabeth Laine was born after 1771 and died Mar. 2, 1838 in Monroe, County, Tennessee. She was married in Amherst County, Virginia, Mar. 17, 1789 to Thomas Robertson, evidently a son of Arthur Robertson and brother of Mary Robertson, who married Elizabeth's brother Randolph Laine. License gives consent of her father, Thomas Laine, and witnesses Charles and William Laine. Thomas Robertson was drafted in Amherst County, Virginia late in 1780 and served under Captain Richard Ballinger. He went to Cooke County, Tennessee in 1792; to Roane County, Tennessee in 1808; and to Monroe County, Tennessee in 1822.

Gentlemen interested in the sons of the American Revolution, by right of descent from Thomas Robertson may write to: National Society Sons of the American Revolution, 100 South Fourth Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40203. Ladies interested in membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution can write: 1776 D Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20006

Thomas Robertson was born in 1762 and died Oct. 19, 1834. His father came from Scotland about 1750. Thomas and Elizabeth had eleven children of whom our Lucy was the 6th. In the first section we are concerned only with the descendants of Alexander and Lucy (Robertson) McCullah, following that is the descendants fo Sir David and Flora Wasson, and finally the descendants of Arthur and Mildred Robertson.

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