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McCullah-Wasson Family Reunion
Special Thanks


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Special Thanks

Special thanks to all who are helping make this reunion possible.

Most families never collect and record their family history. We can thank three of our relatives, for taking the time to put our family history in writing. they are James Alexander McCullah, Willis Austin McCullah, and Blanche Patterson (Wasson) Doran, son, great grand-son, and great-granddaughter respectively, of Alexander and Lucy (Robertson McCullah. James wrote a long history of three generations of the Alexander and Lucy families. Willis faithfully collected and recorded the family history on a linen window blind, until his death in 1949. Blanche was responsible for the compiling of the family history--from Willis' original records to 1950, update again in 1955 and 1967. We owe a great debt of gratitude to these three people. Without their diligence and hard work, this 2000 edition of the McCullah-Wasson family history, would not have been possible. We should also thank Daniel Chapman Jenkins for putting the 1967 book and the update from 1967 to 1990 on computer. It has made the continuing job of keeping the book up to date much easier.

I wish to thank each of you for sending your updates and the pictures that have added so much to this edition of our family history. I am pleased to have received updates on members of the family that we previously had nothing on, but regret that there are members of the family that I was unable to update. I sincerely hope that the Year 2000 edition of the McCullah-Wasson Family History is enjoyed by one and all.

Written By: Jane (Horn) Staiger


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